Lipstick on!


Tis’ the season

Dear readers,

I know Christmas is over but I feel like I wanna talk about it although we are now on the 3rd week of January.

The period between December and January is a big deal to me because of Christmas, and January is my birthday month! So, I tend to splurge a lot during these two months.

There is something you must know about me. I am a born and raised Malaysian with mixed parentage (mom’s filipino). So, celebrating Christmas in a Muslim country differs from the way how the Westerners’ are doing it.

Christmas spent here is Malaysia is bearable only because of family reunions and following feasts. There is not much Christmas decoration except for the ones in the shopping malls. The season does not change here also. What we usually get late in the year is lots of rain. So no hope for snow :p And can you believe that I am the only one playing Christmas songs in the office? Yeah.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I am merely comparing since I’ve spent my Christmas a year or two in the Philippines and boy, we are missing out BIG TIME! Nobody does Christmas like the Pinoys! Christmas starts at September in the Philippines and the spirit never runs dry. 

Although I feel like there is a lack of Christmas spirit here, I do enjoy what I get. Here’s a very short photolog of what I did during Christmas. A Christmas here in Malaysia;


Made Christmas hampers at work for company’s supporting clients!


Christmas gift for self; caved in because my previous tumbler smells like rotten milk and rubber. yuck.


Bought calendars for colleagues because I’m thoughtful like that.


Buying Christmas presents for two of my closest friends.


Received two wonderful presents from the same two persons!


Festive napkins. (we tried.)


Christmas make-up




Gifts explosion!


Another Christmas gift for self. 


My Christmas gift to Mom.


Mom’s Christmas gift to meeeeee! <3


Gifts for the kids! (orders came late this year)


All wrapped up!


Gift for self number 78910! I couldn’t afford the UD Naked 2 palette so I didn’t even think twice when I saw this Nude palette by The Balm at my local beauty store. Some beauty gurus prefer this from the Naked palette because of the wide range of colours offered on this palette.


One of my many Christmas gift from the boy :)


A favor from a friend. Asked her to buy this mirror with built-in LED light all the way from China! I love love LOVE this thing!


Gift for self number 8910000! Hair has been drying out like crazy and heard lots of raves about Kiehl’s product. What do you know. It freaking works.


Last Christmas gift for self; Sigma Makeup brushes. I waited for this parcel far too long.


I gotten myself the Mr. Bunny Essential Kit (12 brushes) and they are all made of synthetic HD fiber. Also bought one Flat Kabuki and one Small Contour brush to save on shipping. I am not regretting this purchase! Ever! 

I need to clarify that these are really expensive for those who live outside of US. I have put off buying these for a long period because they cost a bomb but I’ve reasoned with myself that these are something that will last and I would not need to repurchase them for another 4-5 years? I might buy additional brushes in the future with different functions. I love makeup and I want quality brushes to use on my face. So do not think that this is an impulse buy. 


Lastly, I will consider this as a Birthday present for myself. My customized make-up table. I had bugged the boy to have his uncle build me one and this beauty made me the happiest girl on earth!

Another clarification, I live in the east side of Malaysia and some resources are limited to us. I know I could have ordered a similar table from Ikea. But we do not have an Ikea store in Sabah :( So I had to hire a carpenter for this.

So that concludes my photolog which I might say went a bit outrageous as it goes on. But hey, I splurge once a year. So I can say that I am forgiven. :p

Do you love what you do?

A person dear to me advised me to change the course of my career last night. He really think that I should go into another lucrative company. I was swayed by the way how he talked. But at the same time, I was afraid.

Fear is inevitable when change looms over. Most people can’t adapt to changes well. So naturally I was unease by the idea of turning my whole career upside down to run towards to a prospect of bigger paycheck. However, let’s be reminded that bigger paychecks means bigger responsibilities and I guess I am not ready to commit to that.

It got me thinking of the phrase “love what you do and you will never have to work a day in your life”. If I run towards that opportunity head first, I doubt it will promise me happiness. For one, it is something I am not familiar with - which ultimately means I have to work twice as hard since I did not learn the business at school. If that happens, I dont really have time to love what I do, dont I?

However, in the long run, I am sure it is worth it. What I have learned over the years is hard work always pays well. But the fear is still there… Creeping. Stubborn.

I have been working 3 years now, in the industry of my choosing. I was given a raise recently for handing over my resignation letter to join another company. That raise definitely make me feel appreciated. But it wears off in time.

Working 1.5 years lead me to my first promotion and I am in every way proud of my achievement. Then it got me thinking of that phrase again. Do I love what I do? The company I am currently with seem to think that I am a valuable asset to them since they refuse to let me leave. Maybe they see something in me that I don’t? But the question still lingers, do I love what I do? I suppose there are ups and downs working with them. Maybe I am blinded by the paycheck and refuse to leave my nest. For now I am comfortable with where I am in my career. But I am sure there will come a time when I need something more.

For now, I cannot say that I love what I do. There are days I’ve come home tired and stressed out, dreading to face work the morning after. But there are also memorable happy moments on my tenure with the company.

Perhaps the best way to answer that question is that I will let time unravel my true feelings about my job. I suppose if you let it sink into you, you will learn how to love it bit by bit.

Ooooooh.. Instagram profile on the web.

Things I love from Instagram

Phone cover (photo from @kellyoxford)

Michael Kors watch in Rose Gold please (photo from @hipstahposts)

Shorts (photo from @bongqiuqiu)

Hello Kitty crystal necklace (photo from @shelbylynnm_)

Stack of necklaces (photo from @kboudreau)

umm…. everything? (photo from @we_fashion)

These things I wanna say

There are a lot of things I wanted to say to a number of people, but I am quite reserved when sharing my opinions. I do however believe it is unhealthy to keep these thoughts to boil.

Since none of them read my blog, what better way to vent out this little pent up frustration?

So here goes.

  1. Try not to be bitter; you are not poisoning us, you are poisoning your life.
  2. Don’t confuse your valuables with your value as a person.
  3. If you have found someone who understands your quirks; know that I am happy for you. I am always your friend, I am always there to support your decision.
  4. You Sir, man up and stop fooling around.
  5. Fuck you, I am not a robot.
  6. I miss you. Hurry back home.
  7. You were absent for a number of years in my life. Just to remind you.
  8. Stop whining. If cats could understand your whining, they would hate you too. 
  9. Forget about him. He’s fucking gay.
  10. I hate it when you can’t stand how complacent we are with our own lives. 
  11. You all are fucking idiots.
  12. I feel like I’m drowning, running this one man show.
  13. You need to know that you are silly. And I love you to bits for that.
  14. Stop trying to compete. You are gonna lose.
  15. We have no secrets. You are so easy to talk to.
  16. There are times I wanna quit, but I just hold on.
  17. Eww. Stop talking to me?
  18. If our words hurts your feelings, you shouldn’t lash out and retort with unrelevant mean things. We are only pointing out the obvious.
  19. I love my grandma!
  20. Let love fuel your life? Why don’t you ask ‘love’ to fucking pay the bills?

Heh I can’t go on, else it’s gonna be a very long post. The more I type, the more things I wanna say. Better end it.

I’ve noticed that I haven’t done any posts on my outfits. Here’s a picture of my face just in case you’ve forgotten how I look.

I am talking to myself again

I am rekindling my love for blogging and hopefully this time I’ll stay longer. I have to apologize for the long hiatus; it seems that I have forgotten my place in this part of the world and just recently, I realized that I have missed it immensely.

To be honest, I have to blame all the other social network sites that has been popping around. Thanks to instagram, I find myself in a phase where I think blogging does not appeal much to me as it did before. A picture worth a thousand words they say, yes, I agree. But to be honest, instagram kinda kills what traditional blogging used to be. Not to bash instagram or anything, I gotta say I am an addict when it comes to it - I share every boring and useless things about my life there. 

But what instagram fail to document is that raw feeling spurting out of our minds. We channel our emotions through a few strokes of the keyboard; clickity-clackity, voila, you got yourself a brilliant piece there. So yes, I’ve missed that. 

I don’t know how many of you are gonna read this anyway since tumblr works differently from the other blogging sites. But would you accept my return?

Ah who are you to stop me anyway? :p